Enrich Your Life Through Mushroom Appreciation

Enrich your life through mushroom appreciation!It's a beautiful summer day when you spy something interesting while on a walk. It's a mushroom, the mysterious organism that is neither plant nor animal.

What you're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. It's the fruiting body of a fungus, the organism that lives just below the surface of the ground or tree bark. You may not realize it, but there's much here than meets the eye!

From food to medicine, from art to inspiration, humans have been interacting with fungi in a variety of fascinating ways for thousands of years.


The Fascinating Journey of Fungi and Humans (including you!)


Ethnomycology - The study of the use and interaction between fungi and humans.

The purpose of this site is to entertain and inform while celebrating our love of nature and fungi. We'll explore the science behind these mysterious organisms. We'll examine the thrill of their unexpected appearance and artistic beauty. Yet best of all, I'll present you with a ton of fun tips, recipes, and how-to guides in order to get the best out of your interactions with fungi.

There are so many ways to appreciate helpful fungi. Here you’ll find:

  • Free advice on growing your own. Whether using a kit or starting from spore and making your own spawn, cultivation is fun and rewarding. Even a houseplant killer like me can do it!
  • Recipes for cooking edible species. Visit the various recipes pages for easy ways to include them in your diet.
  • Information on health support. Many medicinal mushrooms, such as maitake and reishi, have made headlines for their health benefits. Let's try to cut through the hype and find the best supplements and herbal medications.
  • MushroomsFacts on specific types and mushroom identification. Learn where and how to find the tastiest species such as morels and chanterelles. Also learn how to avoid poisonous species such as the false morel and the death cap.
  • Information on mycorestoration. The world around you benefits from them as well.
  • Pictures, posters, and other forms of art.

I believe one of the ways to enhance our lives is through a respect and knowledge of the natural world, especially the mycological one. By learning about nature, you learn ways to enhance your personal well being and that of the environment around you.


How to Enjoy This Site


Mushroom Identification - Berkelely's PolyporeAre you a cosmonaut of the microscopic? An adventurer of the outdoors? A lover of delicious food?

Or maybe you're just like me, a character with an insatiable curiosity about the world around you that has burned since childhood.

Whatever brought you here; you're sure to find something to suit your fungal fancy. Whether you're looking for cultivation tips, ideas for using fungi to improve your health, or just some tasty recipes, you'll find it all here.

This site is divided into a few major sections to make it easier to explore. Ready to join me? Put on your mushroom cap and let's go!


Mushroom Table of Contents


Different types of mushrooms

Different Types

There are many different types of mushrooms. Some have gourmet and medicinal applications, others are known for their unique appearance. Here are just some of the more interesting and useful ones.


Morel mushrooms


Fun facts and useful information on morels. Here you'll find identification tips, hunting hints, recipes, photos, and cultivation information.



Reishi mushrooms


The regal reishi has long been regarded as a powerful herbal medicine. Learn about reishi identification, health benefits, and how to make your own teas and tinctures. It's a lot cheaper than buying them at a store, and a lot more fun!



Oyster mushrooms


More than just seafood, these fantastic fungi grow everywhere, lower cholesterol, and can even help clean up the environment. Includes a page on their various uses, identification information, and oyster mushroom benefits.


Chanterelle mushrooms


Beautiful and delicious with a faint taste of apricots, chanterelles can't be cultivated indoors. So your only option is to find them on your own! These pages will show you how.


Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis

This strange parasitic fungus that grows in Tibet has a remarkable effect on energy levels. Learn more about health effects and the interesting practice behind collecting it here.


Mushroom cultivation - how to grow mushrooms


Growing mushrooms is a fun and rewarding experience. This section has information and growing tips for the complete beginner through the experienced cultivator. Have fun and grow your own food!


Mushroom recipes


A collection of tasty recipes including appetizers, soups, entrees, and many more! Learn how to sauté, a quick and easy process that enhances any meal.


Marinated mushroom recipes

Marinated Recipes

Marinated recipes are easy to make and tasty to eat. This page will show you how, along with ten great recipes to get you started.



Mushroom soup recipes

Soup Recipes

Soups are a delicious way to use up specimens that may be a little past their prime. Here you'll find the top ten easy wild mushroom soup recipes.


Morel mushroom recipes

Morel Recipes

Morels are so popular that they deserve their own page of recipes. Learn different ways to enjoy tasty morels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Learn about mushroom identification!


Learn the hows and whys of mushroom identification including how to learn, where to look, and different identification features.



Poisonous mushrooms

Poisonous Species

One of the most important aspects of identification is knowing your poisonous species. These pages will help you with identification, myths, and how to keep yourself safe.


Your mushroom stories!

YOUR Pictures and Stories

An opportunity to talk about your experiences with nature and cool fungi that you've found. Share your story, upload a picture, or leave a comment.


Mushroom blog

What's New

The blog keeps you current with all the fun developments and additions to this web site. Subscribe here.



About me

About Me

How a lifetime fascination with nature grew into a love of mycology. A quick overview of who I am and why I built this site.



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I hope that you enjoy your stay!

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All pictures from Wikipedia, Microscope Detective, and other sources credited where appropriate.