Little Brown Mushroom

by Grant
(Namibia Walvis Bay)

These are very common. However, we live in a desert so mushrooms here occur only in gardens, except perhaps in other regions of the country.

One species is edible and grows on termite mounds and is a very large white umbrella looking fungi.

Here are the pics of the brown mushrooms I'd like you to identify.

P.S. I did find some ink caps some years back, question is how rare they are to this area?

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Namibia Mushrooms
by: Amy

Grant, I am absolutely loving these pics and info from Africa. Sadly I don't have enough experience with your area to give you a lot of concrete answers.

I have heard of those termite mound mushrooms. They're fascinating. Below is a link with more information (note: it's a hunting site and I know nothing about their philosophies but the article is good):

Little brown mushrooms are extremely difficult to identify for reasons I outline here:

As for the inky caps, I didn't think they were that prevalent in Africa but again, I know very little about African mushrooms.

I didn't have very concrete answers for you, Grant! Looks like we're going to have to find a Namibian mushroom expert. Hmmm....

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