Giant Puffball in Michigan



A puffball approximately 24-1/4" around grew in our Lower Michigan backyard. Over the last several years, 4 or 5 trees have been cut down in that immediate area, and we assume the roots of these fed this puffball.

These are the pics I took yesterday. Soon after, my daughter took the mushroom to a friend who could positively identify it. They ate half of it yesterday. The other half is in our refrigerator. Tomorrow may be the day I try it.

Giant puffball mushroom in Michigan

Giant puffball on a table

Giant puffball compared to a hand

Sliced giant puffball mushroom

Inside close up of a giant puffball mushroom

Giant puffball found in Michigan


Comment by Amy:

I love these pictures. They're really great examples of puffball mushroom identification. The bottom photos show what a puffball should look like when cut open, just pure white flesh.

The lovely lady in the pictures is Nancy's daughter. Thanks to Nancy and her daughter for sharing!


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