Who Am I and How I Came to Appreciate Mushrooms

Like you, we’ve always been fascinated with nature. Even the weird stuff. Especially the weird stuff! Be it bugs or snakes or fungi, we’ve always felt a strong desire to explore and better understand the natural world around us.

One day, a friend told me about growing mushrooms in his backyard. It seemed bizarre. I’d never really thought about this before.

"Really? You can cultivate them outside on your property? Like plants?"

I had to try it. Soon I was documenting all my successes and failures, purchasing spawn, and making cheap flow hoods.

But my interest didn't stop there. I wanted to learn about wild fungi too, so I joined a local mycology club and started going out on forays. I attended workshops on the topics of growing, cooking, and identifying mushrooms. I read countless books and Internet articles on the subject.

Created by one woman and now run by other nature lovers, this website celebrates mushrooms. Our main focus here is ethnomycology, which is simply the study of human interaction with fungi. We want to explore how people use and interact with mushrooms, and how you can do the same.

Here you’ll find information on growing mushrooms, cooking mushrooms, using fungi for medicine, hunting for mushrooms in the woods, and information on certain types of mushrooms. This site is for both the aficionado and the layperson. We want every article to be informative, easy to understand, and most of all: fun!

It is our fond hope that this site will grow into a repository of fungal information. Hopefully we can all gain a little mushroom appreciation.

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