Who Am I and How I Came to Appreciate Mushrooms

A silly picture of meSo you want to know a little more about me and why I love mushrooms? First off, my name is Amy and I live in New Hampshire (USA) with whatever crazy cats are owning me at the time.

But it wasn't always so! I was actually born years ago in an alternate dimension where giant ants lived in a complex society built on the backs of human slaves.

The ant king, fearful that I would fulfill the prophecy of human revolution, banished me to toil deep in the ant waste facilities.

Yet like so many prophecies, punishment was exactly what needed to happen for me to carry out my destiny. It was deep in the bowels of these facilities that I learned the secrets of the hive mind. I was then able to unite the human race, and vanquish the evil ants.

Unfortunately, during the battle I made a trans-dimensional mistake and somehow phased into this plane of existence. I was immediately taken with the laughably tiny size of the bugs, and how much better this dimension smelled than an ant sewage facility. After a short-lived career of being a rock star, I decided to spend my time studying wildlife.


A Lifetime of Loving the Outdoors


Ok, so I lied about that part about being a rock star. The truth is that I've always been fascinated with nature.

As a child my days were spent playing with my sister and exploring our backyard and woods.

I was enthralled with bugs, snakes, and fungi. I felt a strong connection with animals and a burning desire to try to better understand the natural world around me. As a kid it all seemed so much more powerful, enduring, and mysterious than anything created by humans.


The Path to Mushrooms


One day, a friend started telling me about how to grow mushrooms in your backyard. I had never really thought about this before.

"Really? You can cultivate them outside on your property? Like plants?"

I had to try it. Soon I was documenting all my success and failures, purchasing spawn, and making my own cheap flow hoods.

Large mushroom - Berkley's polyporeBut my interest didn't stop there. I wanted to learn about wild fungi too, so I joined a local mycology club and started going out on forays. I attended workshops on the topics of growing, cooking, and identifying mushrooms. I read countless books and Internet articles on the subject.

Over the past decade my knowledge has grown to the point where I felt it must be shared. I started building this site, all the while continuing my personal studies through forays, readings, and workshops.

It is my fond hope that this site will grow into a repository of fungal information, one that is added to both by my visitors and myself. Hopefully we can all gain a little mushroom appreciation!


More About Me


If you've read this far, you're probably still curious about the kind of person I am. Here's some random info:

  • I graduated magna cum laude from college with a degree in Applied Mathematics. (Really. I sat through actual schooling!)
  • I'm fascinated by mathematics, states of consciousness, brain waves, binaural beats, lucid dreaming, and the power of the mind.
  • I'm trying to learn German, although the going is slow with no one to speak with. (German speakers, feel free to write to me!)
  • Other natural creatures that I adore are owls, snakes, and all forms of sea life. I have a few diving certifications, although I haven't been diving in years.
  • I believe that being a "science" person or being an "art" person is more taught than innate. As such I also love reading/writing fiction, sewing, costume making, and dance.
  • I love to travel, and someday hope to reach all the spots on my travel list, which is huge.

Finally, I'll say that I've been so fortunate to have a wonderful family and the best friends a gal could ask for. Despite being a terminal weirdo, people still seem to like me. ;)

Enjoy your stay at Mushroom Appreciation!

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