Wild Reishi?

by Kevin
(Orlando, FL USA)

I was walking around in my neighborhood and found some wild mushrooms that seem to be Ganoderma lucidum or reishi. Attached is what we found.

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Florida forager NEW
by: Anonymous

My new found fun!
Love to spend the rest of my life in nature.
Searching for wild mushrooms and edible plants is new for me.
Finding cool ones
Not ready to identify and eat yet.
Peace and health

Reishe NEW
by: Denise

Buy powdered Reishe and other mushrooms from
Z Natural .

Better than hunting your own and perhaps making
An identification mistake ....

Ganoderma Lucidum vs other varieties NEW
by: Sharon

Hello all
Does anyone know of varieties of Ganoderma other than lucidum? I know that Tsugei (sp?) grows near me. I buy the lucidum variety from Piping rock's website but is Tsugei is going to have similar health benefits? Does it act as a prebiotic to maintain probiotic bacteria (that in turn make enzymes for food digestion, especially for digesting fats)? Is Tsugei or another variety good for detoxifying the liver? I have acne and I have trouble digesting food and the above things would help me a great deal.

I want to know because it would be strange for others to have NO similar effects.

Also, please let me know your background. Any information that is based on your experience is welcome however I do also want to know if you are a Science lover, a Science teacher or a Scientist (:


Lung canser info.
by: Cheryl

This message is for the girls brother who has lung canser.

Try medicinal mushrooms, here are a few I found to help with lung canser: hen of the woods, chaga, umbrella polypore, and turkey tail mushrooms.
Don't wait, you will be surprised at all the information. I know I was. Please share the great news with everyone!!!!!!!

I pray this will help,

Does Wild Reishi mushroom help liver cancer?
by: Sisters

My brother in law has liver cancer. Western Medical treatment seemed not able to cure it. Does anyone know what is good for curing it?

by: Denise - Ft MyersAnonymous

They grow everywhere. If you wanted to farm them check craigslist for unwanted oak , and colonize .

I find them everywhere .

Is the Palm Butt Rot Ganoderma edible?

If so , I can supple you with lots of this Palm Plague .
But would be better to destroy it.

Any ideas of how to destroy the Ganoderma Butt Rot ?

Ganoderma for sale
by: Anonymous

Message me if you are interested in wild ganoderma lucidum please let me know how much you would like to offer. I have a few photos of what I am growing in my yard. Thanks
Email me at xweaselxx@gmail.com and make the subject Ganoderma

wild reishi
by: shelli

I can get you wild reishi mushrooms

ganoderma zonatum
by: denise

I have lots on my dead Queen Palms.
anyone want them ?

Gander zonatum
by: Charlene

Yes I have on a dead palm tree a mushroom growing on the base. Ganoid a but rot is what I researched and I am wondering is this an edible form of Ganoderma mushroom?

by: Michael,ft myers fl

Do you know where in ft myers they may grow or know of any growers in the area? Thx

I know what it is.
by: Suzz

Hi kevin (or Bradley).

I am a Ganoderma nut and I can safely and surely say that what you have is Ganoderma Curtisii. It is basically Ganoderma Lucidum but the southern type. I'm also aware of the northeast variety tsugae.
I live west of Orlando and I search for Ganoderma all the time. We find it but it's an effort and I consider it rare.
I buy wild ganoderma.

florida mushroom
by: bradley

i found some of these reishi in jacksonville fl. never knew they grew in florida thought they where a more northern thing .

Florida Mycology Clubs
by: Amy

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately I don't know any Florida mushroom lovers personally, you might be the first! You can try looking at these sites:


I don't really see anything near Orlando but the webmasters may know with whom to put you in touch.

Good luck!

wild ganoderma lucidum
by: kevin

Hi, thanks for your reply. I found the wild reishi growing under the oak trees and dead oak tree's stump. Do you know any specialists
in the orlando area that I can confirm my wild mushroom are ganoderma lucidum? Thank you for your help.


by: Amy

Hi Kevin,

I saw your email but figured I'd answer you here. Nice pictures!

I'm always nervous about identifying stuff over the Internet. There's rarely enough information with just a picture, and I would be devastated if someone got hurt. So I give all online identifications the same grain-of-salt warning: it's difficult to truly tell what something is from a picture alone. Never eat anything based on an Internet identification, always show your finds to a local expert hands-on.

That said, I'll say that these do indeed look like some form of reishi. From the color to the kidney shape to the seemingly polypore underside, it certainly looks like Ganoderma to me. I'd be curious to know more about the environment in which you found it, such as what kind of tree it was growing on.

There are many species of Ganoderma besides Ganoderma lucidum (about 80 according to Wikipedia). Even if you don't have lucidum, there are fortunately no known poisonous Ganoderma species and many others are known for their medicinal properties as well.

See my identification page for some more information:


Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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