What luck for morel first timers

by Kathie
(Apple Valley, Minnesota)

Picture added by Amy

Picture added by Amy

The first lovely day in weeks, time for a little garden work. Hubby on the lawn more, hoping the 19 year old mower will make it one more year. Lots of "clean up" to attend to after the lawn mowing.

Bringing out the blower to finish the chore, John mentioned seeing some funny looking mushrooms growing next to the stumps left from tree removal last fall; "they look like little sponges"!

As I ran over to check out our growing sponges, my head kept saying, we aren't so lucky...my heart was saying, please let it be the "gems"....well, guess what we're having for dinner tonight!?! Yup, fresh morels, sauteed in butter, a big juicy steak and a great bottle of wine. Could spring dinner be any better? We do have a large lot, with plenty of trees...guess we may have to check out other areas of our lot. We may have found our next business!

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First timer/what luck!
by: Diana Bernard

I live in the city of Detroit and to my surprise today when i was mowing my backyard, i came across 2 morels(beautiful). I screamed, because i had read the article about them in the Free Press the day before and I knew what they were. I tell you I was so surprise and I felt lucky to have found 2, when I wasn't even looking for them. My question to amyone, can I freeze them for later use?

by: Amy

Nice! Great story, and very well described. The thought of your husband finding gourmet mushrooms without knowing what they were is great. I'm curious as to what type of tree this is.

You can color me jealous!

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