The Soups

by William Bauchman
(Dupo, IL)

I mushroom hunt almost year here in southern Illinois, and have made many meals with my bounty. I went out out for a three day hunt/camping trip and came back with about 11 pounds of fresh white oysters. We found them the first day out and watched them for the next two days. We picked them just minutes before we left the woods. Once home I jumped on the net and found your site, and in my opinion, one of the best sites I've seen!

I just wanted to say that your oyster recipes are very good. I'm enjoying a bowl as I type and must say I am one happy camper! Well done and hats off to your site, now a fav of mine, thank you very much.

P.S. Sorry things didn't work out with the ants and the underworld.

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Thank You!
by: Amy

Flattery, my dear, will get you everywhere!

I jest of course, but thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and sharing your story and your kind words. I love hearing from other mushroom hunters, and knowing that the site was of use to you really makes my day.

Many people don't think about soups as a way to eat mushrooms, so I encourage everyone to head one over to the mushroom soups page under "recipes" on this site and check them out for yourself. The variety of mushroom soups out there may surprise you. Feel free to let me know your favorite!

There are lots of great mushroom sites out there, so I'm always trying to make this one as original, special, and informative as can be. At this point one of the things that's made it so fun are the amazing visitors such as yourself! Thanks for the soup tips and your time.


(And I'm not broken up about leaving the ant dimension, now I lord over bugs like a giant!!!)

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