Slender Ladies of the Forest

by Jane Perinacci
(Mentor, Ohio)

Slender Ladies of Fashion

Slender Ladies of Fashion

These little mushrooms remind me of slender ladies in a fashion show. They are so delicate and translucent and have a very dignified personality.

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Few Indian pipes 2012
by: Anonymous

Have grown used to seeing these in Carroll County,Ohio. Not much going in the areas I can access this very dry year. I think it may be a tough winter for local wildlife.

Indian Pipes! (Monotropa uniflora)
by: Amy

Mycologista is correct, although I thought this page should be on here anyway as these plants are so often mistaken for mushrooms. In fact, I think you've inspired me to write a page about them!

These are very common where I live, and everyone I know refers to them as "Indian Pipes". Many of my friends have excitedly shown me pictures of Indian Pipes that they've taken, knowing that I love mushrooms. So great is their enthusiasm, I feel like a real buzzkill sometimes when I inform them that they're plants! (Yet a plant without chlorophyll is pretty cool in and of itself!)

They are very beautiful.

Why, thank you!
by: Jane Perinacci

Thanks for the information. 'Very interesting!

sorry, those aren't mushrooms!
by: Mycologista

It's actually a chlorophyll-free PLANT, with a flower and everything, called Monotropa uniflora. They are a mycorrhizal parasite, tapping into the fungi that are symbiotic with the root systems of trees.
But, that doesn't make them any less lovely!

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