Probably Amanitas

by Grant
(Namibia Walvis Bay)

Found this mushroom growing in the yard, the rainy season probably explains that part.

Here are the pics to identify it.

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by: Anonymous

MacroPholiota Sp.

by: Amy

Jane's right. This certainly does look regal!

Thanks so much for sharing, Grant, and I'm so excited to get pictures from Namibia. I think you're the first person on here to represent mushrooms from Africa, and I really appreciate it. The pics are gorgeous.

I can't claim to know anything about the mushrooms in your area, but this does indeed look like an Amanita. Here are some Amanita identification features:

1. Scales on the top of an umbrella shaped cap (yes on both counts)

2. A bulbous cup or sac around the base (can't fully tell from your pics, it may or may not have had one at one time)

3. Thin, white gills (yes)

4. A ring around the stem (yes)

5. A white spore print (unknown)

Of course there is a chance it could be a Lepiota of some sort, but it does look like an Amanita from the pictures. I can't make a positive ID as I know nothing of the species in your area, so to get down to the species I would contact a local expert. These are beautiful pics though. Thanks for sharing!

by: Jane Perinacci

Now, this one looks like royalty! Look at the collar around "her" neck!! (I see mushrooms as little charactes!)

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