Not Sure This Counts As Growing

by Curtis

Last year I found a new spot to pick morels, near an old cemetery in the country. The ground was absolutely soaked and muddy, and I only found maybe half a pound, but I put them in a mesh bag and walked over the mushy prairie ground to a different bunch of trees.

Last week, I walked where I had before, and sure enough I found them in exactly the same place as last year, big yellows and a few smaller grays. I followed the same route as the year before, and much to my surprise saw some grays growing in the prairie grass easily 100 feet from any trees. I picked maybe a dozen, and continued for the next group of trees. Well before I made it to the trees, I practically tripped over 8 or 9 huge yellows growing in a bunch, once again, well away from the trees. As I picked them, I looked to the side and saw 3 more in a group, then a few singles... long story short, I filled my bag and walked back to the car with probably 2 or more pounds.

After dumping them in the seat of the car (I only brought 1 bag) I returned to the spot I had found the last ones and found even more, the majority of them growing on the prairie! All together I found around five pounds, my best day ever.

I thought about it today and the only conclusion I could draw is the spores had fallen from my bag last year and the shrooms on the prairie were the result of that.

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