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Morel conundrum NEW
by: Anonymous

There is much research to indicate the underground mycelium can travel quite far from the host tree. The tree species varies per habitat. The difference in the location of the fruiting body or the actual mushroom along the mycelium is what can be puzzling. Would be interesting to know if you observed the various tree species in area, what they were and how far away from the fruiting bodies or the mushrooms. In my area Morels are typically found near dying American elms. Reports however also found in older apple orchards and near sumac.

Growing using PF-TEK NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been a fan of psychedelic mushrooms since i my brother introduce me from this kind of mushroom called blue foot .. It has medicinal properties that you cant find on other things. I have been planning to try growing mushrooms myself but i dont have any idea where to start so i came to a research and find this article about growing mushrooms using PF-TEK here .. Hoping to buy this baby and help me start growing my mushies pretty soon.

by: Tina

Wow, what a great Morel story. I am so jealous. What state do you live in. I must say, this years morel season was kind of crazy. They were popping up in very odd locations. I actually found a couple pounds right in my back yard. I wasn't even looking for them. I have lived in the same place for 30 yrs and they never have grown here before. Thanks so much for sharing your story. :)

corn field morels
by: tim

I once found several pounds growing in a corn field.Corn was about 4 inches tall.The field had been an old apple orchard 3 years prior.

Hey, Why Not!?!
by: Amy

Thanks for sharing this story, Curtis and wow, what a haul! I'm jealous!

It can be difficult to determine what exactly is influencing the growth of your morel areas. Perhaps the temperature was better this year, or perhaps they were able to extract more nutrients from their mycorrhizal partners.

Or maybe you did drop spores! Your case certainly makes a good argument for it. While some people think using a mesh style bag to pick mushrooms in order to let them drop some spores is pointless, I'm a strong believer in it. I do think that purposely allowing for some spore dispersal benefits next year's harvest, as you have possibly proven here!

Enjoy your mushrooms. You earned them!



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