No More Colds

by Wallce
(Concord, CA)

I was introduced to cordyceps by a colleague in Kazakhstan. I started a rotational assignment there in Jan 2008, and during my first 3 rotations I got very bad colds, sinus infections, the works. I assumed it was from exposure to new forms of viruses.

I started taking cordyceps under the Tiens brand. Beside multi-vitamins, I did not believe in herbal remedies and supplements. But I have not had a cold or the flu since I started on this supplement. I take 1000mg mornings and again at night. I have been surrounded by sick people at work and my wife is a teacher and always bringing home her cold bugs.

On two occassions, I started to feel tickle in the throat, typical for how I usually start a bad cold, but it never developed and 2 days later, no tickle, no cold. I take a prescription drug for chlorestoral, but since taking cordyceps, my lipids dropped another 20 points. I can't attribute the improvements to anything else I have done. Eating healthy (most of the time) and getting plenty of exercise is a lifestyle for me, and I haven't changed any of that in the last two years. Stuff sure seems to work for me.

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