New Neighbors

by Phil
(Fallston, MD)

Greetings all,

I have a couple friends from Blacksburg, VA that hunt for morels every year, so I'm a little familiar with the culture. I had never seen a morel in the wild until this week, when three sprouted in my front lawn. I hadn't mowed yet this season, and was walking around looking at some blooms on my trees when I kicked something. Low and behold it was a 3-4 inch morel popping up. I found 2 of his buddies close by. I haven't picked them yet; I was going to give them another day or so to grow. Should I just pick them now? Any favorite recipes are also appreciated.

I live in Fallston, MD. The area I found them in on my lawn has zoysia grass close to a pin oak, a holly tree, and a dogwood.

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I'lm jealous!!
by: Jane Noponen/Perinacci

I am going to keep my eyes wide open this coming summer!! I've never found one. I can't wait to cook them the way Amy says to!! Yum!!

by: Anonymous

I've never had a morel, not have I come upon one on my walks, which are happening again! I'll try to be more mindful ! Now, I know what they look like! Thanks!

Morel Info
by: Amy

Hi Phil,

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this up. By now you've probably picked your morels! Three to four inches is usually a good time to pick. You can wait a little longer, but do know that morels go from their tiny button stage to fully mature in a space of 10 to 14 days (roughly). Sometimes waiting to see if they'll get bigger isn't worth it, so if they look "meaty" enough to you I say go for it!

As for favorite recipes, one of the most common and easiest is a simple saute with butter and garlic in a pan. Delicious. If you're looking for more recipes, check out my morel recipes page.

Keep watching that spot and the surrounding area next year, as there's a good chance that they'll appear again. Also be cautious about what you put on your lawn if you're planning to eat them. You don't want to accidentally expose yourself to pesticides or chemicals.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations! I know people who would go out of their minds to have a morel just appear on their lawn!


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