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Puffballs in my backyard
by: Kate

Hi there Mushroom lovers! We were out getting firewood today [ in Southern British Columbia] . On the way home my son spotted a puffball on the bank above the road...we LOVE Puffballs. It was a calvatia...then another and THEN the BIG one, about the size of a make a long story short,,,sautéed in butter....nothing else....and they are the greatest! I have peeled and kept them wrapped very tightly in plastic wrap for OVER a week!! It was still delish and no yellow colouring...that was an experiment that worked out well! Tomorrow I will lightly sautee some of the haul, layer between wax paper and freeze. I've been told that works well. I may even try to can some in my pressure canner.... I can everything else so will try that too! Have a great Fall everyone and Thanks for your site!

Giant Puffballs
by: Anonymous

Didn't get a chance to make the soup but from the one that I did slice up and fry I just put them in a bowl and we munched on them! Also the next day I made hamburgers on the grill and took some of the mushroom pieces and used them as stuffing inside the hamburg before grilling, very juicy and tasty. Also used some of the mushroom pieces in spaghetti sauce and in a beef stew that I made.

Puffball mushrooms
by: Pat

Didn't get to make the soup because the others went by before I could pick them. Did fry some in a little oil though and also used some in spaghetti sauce. One night I made hamburgers on the grill and filled them with mushroom pieces before grilling~yummy!

by: Amy

Sorry it took me so long to get these up, Pat. Your puffballs are incredible! How did the mushroom soup turn out?

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