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by: Jane Perinacci

And I thought the one I found was big!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Puffball Identification
by: Amy

Fantastic photos, Diane. I appreciate you putting the phone in there for scale. That puffball is bigger than one might think!

Giant puffballs are some of the easiest mushrooms to identify, although I always recommend checking with a local expert the first time you learn about a new mushroom. That said, fortunately these large puffballs are considered a "beginner" mushroom as they're so unique.

Some common features are:
-Large size (check)
-Round in shape with no distinct cap and stem, although they don't have to be perfectly round (check)
-Found growing on the ground, usually in grassy meadows or open fields (not sure, but keep that in mind)
-Time of year is late summer through October (check)

So it does look definitely like a puffball, but it's also looking a little old. Ideally the inside is pure white, and sadly your looks like it's on its way out.

If you haven't already read my page on puffball mushroom identification, see below:

Giant Puffball Identification

Keep your eyes peeled in that area in the coming years, puffballs often fruit in large fairy rings.

If you have any luck with puffball cultivation, please let us know!

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