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Avoiding LBMs

I was mushroom hunting while camping with friends once and we came upon some little brown mushrooms. We thought they were edible, so we picked them.They

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Yellow Mushrooms in Potted Plants

Have small yellow mushrooms appeared in your potted houseplant? This neon surprise is quite common. Learn what they are and what to do about them here...

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The Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

The chicken of the woods mushroom is vibrantly beautiful and fascinating to boot. Many people also consider it a delicacy! Learn more about here, including identification and cooking information.

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Not Sure This Counts As Growing

Last year I found a new spot to pick morels, near an old cemetery in the country. The ground was absolutely soaked and muddy, and I only found maybe half

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Puffball Propagation

Hello, I have no photos to go with this story, but I have been fortunate to find many wild puffballs in North Carolina since I moved here 12 years ago.

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Motocross Track Produces Dozens of Giant Puffballs

The Pocatello Motocross Park, located near Pocatello, Idaho, produces a steady crop of giant puffball mushrooms each season. Discovered while expanding

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Selling Chanterelle Mushrooms - Can They Be Overharvested

I have only been mushroom hunting for 4 years, but I've found some places near me where you can pick pounds and pounds of them. I have been selling

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