Morels in Montello WI

by Randy
(Montello, WI)

I have found that morels grow a lot up here around pine trees. They seem to be even meatier than in Southern Wisconsin. I really don't find them to much around elm and ash trees, even though I have plenty of those trees here, both dead and dying. I have found some though, but mainly around and under pines.

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White pine + morels NEW
by: Anonymous

I find morels under one of our big ole white pines every year.

yeah right! Good try....
by: Anonymous

Morels don't like pine trees, so if you have people looking under pine trees, more for you under elm, ect... Got to give you credit for trying to pull the wool though, I'm a poet and a morel hunter.....See you out there, I'll save some for you if you save some for me----yeah right...................

Ah ha! The "secretive" ones!
by: Anonymous

We have plenty of pine trees around here. The hunt will begin!

Morels and Pine Trees
by: Amy

Thanks so much for the tip, Randy. I haven't heard a lot about morels and pine trees but after doing an Internet search on it I see that you're not the only one who has experienced this.

There's a discussion on the Northern Country Morels board about pine trees here.

Perhaps pine trees are worth more investigation in the future, especially for those of you in the Mid-West.

And I see Montello is home to the largest tree in Wisconsin according to Wikipedia. Cool!

Thanks again!

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