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Fake NEW
by: Anonymous

As a mycologist from baldwin michigan and worked for Gary mills. Your a complete liar.

Care to share? :)
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your mushroom info. I would greatly appreciate any and all info that you care to share.

I call bullshit NEW
by: Anonymous ohioan

Literally you don't ever use bulls shit in morel cultivation. It likes rotten wood not manure totally different type of fungus

liar liar morel on fire NEW
by: THE morel king


growing morel indoors NEW
by: Dariusz

Hi Dennis,
Is there any chance to get more details about your method of growing morel indoors?

Morels Reign as Royalty
by: Anonymous

Our home place is 7 acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mts.Eastern side, on a River. Morels grow on our land. Would like to see if I can spread their growing by Flurry method. Is there a test to find if mycelium is in soil?
Was fascinated by Dennis' indoor method of growing morels.
Anyone out there that has his complete steps to indoor growing and would email me directions. It will
be greatly appreciated.

Love to hear your recipe love these shroons

Love these shroons could you send your method to me

Instructions please
by: foxypriss3

Dennis. I would truly love to have any instructions you are willing to share. Thank you and blessings to you and tours at this Christmas season and always. Kay

by: Kaleb

If you could, please send me detailed instructions on how to grow the mushrooms? Thank you :)

How to grow indoors
by: Chad

I would love to know how you grow morels. Lived in Yankton sd for 11 years and loved the morels we picked there. Moved to the black hills and have been unable to find any in the wild. I bought some dried ones from the grocery store but they just don't have anywhere near the flavor. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how you grow your morels.


by: Brittany

If you still are able to send the directions that
you have shared with your friends I would feel very blessed to continue and pass it on to my friends.

Thank you sir

by: Michael

I would like to try your method, maybe even outdoors somehow. Could you send me your complete method so that I can get some ideas from it. Thanks.

by: Michael

I would like to try your method, maybe even outdoors somehow. Could you send me your complete method so that I can get some ideas from it. Thanks.

by: Michael

I so want to try this, but outdoors. Could you send me your complete method so that I could get some ideas from it. Thanks.

Could you share your complete instructions?
by: Angelo Sorce

Hey Dennis, Thanks for letting us know about your discovery but I'm a little fogy on what you are freezing. I'm assuming your mixed inoculated earth? Will you share with us and also email me your complete directions? Is there anyone out there who Dennis shared with that can forward the info to me? My name is Angelo and I am at
That's a underscore between my name not a dash. Another email for me is my biker nickname. Thanks Dennis and anyone else who can help

by: JoAnn

Do you have full instructions? I would be very interested if you would share.

Thank you.

Father in law wants your
by: Diane

Dennis if you can email me any info and tips you have on this process my Father in Law is retired and has asked me to research any info I can on this please email me if you can ... Thanks

by: Gene

Dennis - Would you share with me your complete routine . I live in southeastern ohio and would like to try your complete system of growing morels step by step . - tnxs Gene

Growing Morels
by: Amy

Hmmm....that is very, very interesting, Dennis and thanks for sharing. I love stories of people being self-sufficient. I'll admit that I've never attempted indoor morel cultivation, having been scared off by too many failure stories to experiment with my precious morels!

I'm sure both the intrigued and the skeptical out there would love to hear more, if you're willing.....;)

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