Landscape Morels

by Amanda
(Redding, CA)

(Morel picture added by Amy. Check out the comments to see my answer to Amanda)

(Morel picture added by Amy. Check out the comments to see my answer to Amanda)

I found some fungi growing wild in my yard. After researching on the web, I found out they are black morels. I used to live in the Midwest where everyone was crazy 'bout morels. I have never cared for mushrooms (I know, I'm weird).

However, I'm surprised to find them growing in my backyard here in California. Is that unusual? What should I do with them? I hate to pick them and throw them away, but nobody out here seems to know what they're about.

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for amy
by: Anonymous

i'm in the middle of maine.... have black morels in my backyard... east coast rocks

Landscape Morels in Upstate NY
by: Lisa R

I almost mowed them over! These babies showed up after we cleared an area of forestation to build a solar array. Not sure I will eat them though as the lawn has been fertilized now.

good ta eat!
by: jay

I say they're completely safe if cooked well

Landscape morels in the Midwest!
by: Jen

I live in Ohio and had a bunch of landscape morels appear after my house had the landscape redone. This year there were a few but that first year there were a lot!

Landscape Morels
by: Amy

Hi Amanda,

No, they're not that unusual. You've found some landscape morels! Landscape morels are those that pop up in recently landscaped areas where the ground has been disturbed, such as yards or flower beds. This is more common in California and other parts of the West Coast. I've never heard of it happening on the East Coast where I live (bummer).

What should you do with them? They're harmless so you can throw them out or just leave them there. However, I suggest you fry those babies up with some flour and butter! Instructions are here:

If you do decide to eat them, or give them to someone else, just make sure of two things:

1. First off, make sure you really do have a morel and not some other type of mushroom. Only ever eat something that you're absolutely sure of. Morel identification instructions are here:

2. Do not eat them if there's any chance they could have been exposed to some sort of chemical. So if they're near the side of the road or if you treat your lawn with fertilizers, chemicals, or anything else just throw them away. A mushroom exposed to environmental toxins may contain those toxins itself; making it not something you should eat.

I hope that answers your question. Whatever you decide to do, be safe. Thanks!

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