In Our Own Backyard

by Angela

Over the years we've planned to go ‘shrooming’ for morels in the woods and parks in our area but have always missed the season due to so many things happening in our lives.

This spring we decided to clean up a back garden area that's been overtaken by ferns (I never know how far to plant things so they can get out of control quickly). We've left this space alone for about 2 to 3 years after a big elm had been damaged in a windstorm. The lower 1/4 of the elm was left as we didn't want to have it 'rooted out' and it's turned into a sort of miniature tree man for the past two years.

While deciding how and what hosts to remove my husband spotted a peculiar looking mushroom... morel? Honestly - I couldn't believe it and thought ... how lucky we actually get to see one in the backyard. Upon further inspection ... the ENTIRE corner was full of them in clusters under the ferns. That evening we were able to harvest almost a full pound leaving enough out there for another 2 harvests. It's a small area and I was stunned at how many we have.

After careful inspection to confirm that these were, in fact, true morels we happily added them to that night’s meal. Now to harvest the others and freeze them for an upcoming graduation meal in June.

Goes to show you that you never know what you may find in your own backyard.

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Alaska Morel,s NEW
by: Anonymous

We live in South central Alaska on the edge on the wilderness in the same place for the last 30 years every 8-10 years morels come up by my shop no rhyme or reason I can find for it. Iv hunted for them but have never found any except in the one place down by the shop just odd

my elm trees
by: Pat

I had recently found some morels under my elms for the first time this year! Last Wednesday night lightning hit 4 of the trees and yesterday they were removed as the lightning blew off the bark and some of the limbs all over my yard and fried the trees and they were leaning and had limbs dangling so were dangerous. The stumps are still there so hopefully will still find morels but probably not until next year!

We have them too!
by: Justine

So good to hear someone else has them coming up under elms -- when I found ours, I thought I was going crazy. But, year after year, they keep coming back. I never thought morels were all that fond of elms, (particularly Siberian elms) but they sure seem to be hanging on under them. Interestingly, our elms are not dead, but since Siberian elms are prone to decay & disease, I think they have enough dead parts to keep the morels happy.

Thanks for sharing.

by: Amy


Thanks so much for your fun contribution and beautiful picture! This is great advice. So often we hike in other areas without examining our own backyard. I know I'm guilty of this too. Actually, you've inspired me to go and check out my own backyard when I get off the computer here. Thanks!

(And your dinner guests are some lucky folks!)

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