I Love 'Em, But Can't Eat 'Em!

by Melissa Webster
(Walla Walla, WA)

I've discovered that I'm very allergic to morels after eating them 3 times years apart and every time having more of a reaction. The last time I only ate a tiny bit in a sauce and experienced severe intestinal distress within just a couple hours, lasting for about 12 hours. I did not pick them myself, but used some I bought in a store the first two times. The last time I ate the tiny bit in a restaurant, and my family ate the same dish and had no trouble.

Now I envy those people who can eat morels with abandon! But wonder if I should eat ANY wild mushrooms. I've been avoiding any dishes that state wild mushrooms are included. What do you think?

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For me, it's hedgehogs and now Chanterelles NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm so sad for you, but relieved I'm not the only one who reacts like this to certains species!
I have always loved mushrooms but had my first terrible reaction after a delicious eat of hedgehogs and lamb at a mycchological society meeting. I could hold jo fluids in my body for hours. I have never had such a violent reaction to anything I've eaten and never so quickly.

No one else had issues and I was convinced I had somehow eaten an accidental mushroom of some other type... I tried again 10 years later and had the same reaction to just 3 little hedgehogs :(

I've been eating golden chanterelles with abandon for 20 years now and just had my 1st bad reaction to eating a small handful yesterday. It lays me out for 2 days! I hope this isn't the beginning of the end for chanterelles as well!!!!:((((

So glad to hear others had the same reaction! NEW
by: Anonymous

This is the second time I have had morels and both times severe diarrhea! Apparently, I have an allergic reaction because no one else who ate them is experiencing what I am. 6 hours of it and counting!

Same NEW
by: Anonymous

For the past two years I've been extremely ill from eating morel mushrooms. I'm almost 50 now been eating them in the spring almost my whole life. No more morel mushrooms for me anymore.

Truffles too! NEW
by: Isabel Petzer

I am so glad to finally find I am not the only person, as I have never met anyone allergic to mushrooms. For me too, I can eat button snd Paris mushroom, but any foresty and even truffles make me violently sick, with diarrhea and vomiting for around 6 to 8 hours. Also I have a delayed reaction, it takes about four hours to get sick. Since I had never heard of this type of allergy, it took me years to réalisé it was not food poisoning at the restaurant. During truffle season in France, I would choose the full truffle menu! 😊 I wish there was anything to take, do you know if antihistamine tablets help?

So glad it is not just me! NEW
by: Anonymous

I ate them for years after meeting my husband and then the one dreaded meal that made me violently ill. We thought it was a fluke and ate them again the next season, ugh the same response. The vomiting is so violent you would think I was seizing and it goes on for hours. Even after there is nothing left. They just leave me curled up dehydrated and exhausted never wanting them again and scared that they could possibly be snuck in a meal when I eat out. I am forever scarred and Morrell mushrooms and I have forever broken 💔 up!

Love but can't have NEW
by: Anonymous

The same, love all kinds of mushrooms but lately my stomach can't take them unless they are fried or canned mushrooms.

No More Morels for Me! NEW
by: Anonymous

I added some beautiful morels to my roast last night, they tasted delicious! They were not so delicious when I was on the toilet... bad stomach cramps, and well, you know!I was blaming the roast since we bought the meat from a local farmer. I don't think it was the meat as four other people that had eaten it and were just fine. I have breaded them and fried them in butter, and have never had an issue! I'm so happy someone started this thread, because now I know I'm not the only one!

Love mushrooms but my stomach not so much NEW
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one that experienced this! I used to be able to eat mushrooms and love them so much but nowadays my stomach just does flip flops at the mention and have to avoid! It’s not worth the stomach cramps, stomaches that hurt so much I gotta throw up! I remember the trigger a large portobello mushroom I had during dinner out and since then most mushrooms - even sometimes mushroom juices in food trigger my stomach! Makes me so sad because I really love mushrooms!

Have ate morels for years NEW
by: Anonymous

I have ate morels for years I’ve never had a problem! Well the last 2x my husband and I have ate them a couple hours later I’m violently puking my husbands fine! I grew up eating them and I love hunting and eating them nope not anymore!

Me too! NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sitting here at 3 AM after trying to throw up to make my stomach stop hurting. Reason: I cooked mushrooms with my pork chop tonight. These were just the common mushrooms I bought at the grocery store, not even morels, but fresh, not canned.

We used to find wild "common field mushrooms" at my family's cabin and I could eat those with no problem at all, even as a main dish. The flavor was very mild, and wonderful. But these "tame" mushrooms with the peppery flavor make me sick. They are the same variety as canned, I believe, but apparently the canning process makes them less toxic or whatever they are. I SO hate to throw them out, but they have made me sick several times since I bought the container of mushrooms.

This Bites! NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm with ya'll on this one! I am , at this very moment, suffering from the cramping after throwing up a few mins ago. This is the 3rd yr this hss happened to me. I'm now guessing I'm probly allergic to them & not just getting a bad mushroom each year! Sucks, but I'm glad I'm mire aware if it now.

Once good, no longer NEW
by: Jude

My first experience with morels was wonderful. They were so delicious. I could hardly wait for the next morel season. Next season, I was in the traverse city mi area and found a plethora of morels. Brought them home, cooked them up and shared with my partner. I was ill within hours. Thought perhaps I had picked bad morels. Two years later I found a bunch on my own property. Cooked them up and experienced the same blight. Damn!

Same! NEW
by: Anonymous

Growing up, my dad would always mushroom hunt and bring home a ton of morels! Every time though, I would be violently ill with horrible stomach pains and vomiting. Years later, as a teen, I tried them again at a friends house and I had the same reaction. I took my son hunting today and we both found our first ones! But I am nervous for him to try them! I'm not sure if he will have the same reactions as I have had or not.

Morel toxicity NEW
by: Anonymous

Over about a 20 year period, approximately every 3-4 years, about 2-3 hours after eating in a fine restaurant I would develop severe abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting lasting about 10 hours. About 25 years ago I had an excellent meal in a local restaurant. The next day I took my daughter there and ate the same meal but my daughter had a salad with morel mushrooms in it,which I tasted. This caused the same response and,looking back,at least 3 of the meals that caused this response in the past contained morels. This is consistent with a toxic reaction and is unlikely to be an allergy. There is probably a genetic component. I haven’t had the problem again in over 25 years but haven’t had a morel since. Bob, M.D

Adverse reaction to morels NEW
by: Mark D

I can eat any wild edible mushroom but I cannot eat morels. I've tried them on 4 separate occasions. I guess I was in denial. Every time I ate them I got severe nausea and vomiting and sweated perfusly.

So sad... Miss my mushroom experiments. NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have discovered I can not eat any mushroom besides baby portabella and button mushrooms. I either get terrible cramps or a tightening in the throat. Makes me so sad. I miss playing with the flavors :(. Not worth the risk of the pain, tho.

What did I did to deserve this??? NEW
by: Anonymous

I've eaten fresh muchrooms for has long as I can remember, both my dad and my grandma used to cook the most simple ones (I dont know the name) all the time and I loved it!
One day, I think I was like 16, 17, after eating a dish with fresh mushrooms I felt really sick in my stomach like I've never felt before!! The pain was incredible, like it was about to explode. At the time I didn't realize it was the mushrooms but at the second time it happened I understood. I've stopped eating them. I can still eat the canned ones... But it's not the same! And now that I'm more aware of the varieties I almost cry cuz I can't try them. Sometimes I even think about eating and dealing with the pain :P
If anyone knows something that soothes it please share xD

Confirmed. Never eating morels again.
by: Anonymous

After eating morels for years, last year after having them for dinner I woke up feeling very ill. A few hours of vomiting and diarrhea and I could finally sleep. My husband was fine. He brought some home last night from a coworker, cooked them up and I said I'd know for sure if it was just a bad mushroom last year of if it's me. It's me. Literally turned my light off to sleep and started feeling nauseous. 3 hours later after much vomiting and then diarrhea I was able to sleep. Never eating again. Hope this never happens with other mushrooms...

All mushrooms
by: Anonymous

I have never had a morel before, but I cannot eat anything that has touched a mushroom without getting violently ill. It gets worse each time I eat something with mushrooms in it. I even got sick when a friend had mushrooms on her pizza and they cut her pizza first. The stomach pain is the worst I've ever experienced and it comes along with sweating, vomitting, intestinal pain, diarrhea, and fainting. I had never fainted before developing a mushroom sensitivity.

by: Iowa Mushroom

Also, the undigested sugars pull fluids into small intestine through oncotic pressure. This happens quickly and cause many of the immediate symptoms

stomach ache and Morels
by: Iowa Mushroom

The GI symptoms are not really an allergy. Some people lack an enzyme needed to break down certain sugars that Morels are high in. The sugars are then available to intestinal flora (good bacteria) that eat them with abandon and cause those oh so unpleasant sx. Cooking them thoroughly, limiting amount consumed will help. Maybe beano but I have not tried that

I developed an allergy to them😪
by: Carole

I too had grown up hunting and eating morels, now I just hunt them and cook them for others. I still enjoy finding them, but I definitely miss their wonderful taste. My reaction was different though - my tongue swelled all up and was very painful. I had no idea what was wrong, but my dr asked if I had been eating morels. Apparently you can develop an allergic reaction over time. Not believing this was the cause (HOPING and still in denial) I decided to throw some in a pot of veggie soup. Unfortunately the same thing happened.
My dr did say that if I went several years without eating them, I might be able to enjoy a few without any problem but I'm too afraid now. It was really painful and scary!

Allergy without Eating
by: Anonymous

I am pretty sure that I am allergic to these things, but have never even eaten one. The closest I got was being in the same kitchen where they were being prepared. Just the smell made me so sick I started to vomit. I can detect this smell anytime they are being cooked and have to get to fresh air now. Sounds strange, but its something they give off.

Love them, they hate me!
by: Gerie

I have eaten Morel mushrooms since I was a child. I am 67 years old. Last year I thought that I had intestional flu after eating morels. I was ill with N & V for 2 days. This year I fixed morels in butter and white wine. Yummy! Grandson and husband also ate them. I ate only maybe one sliced and well cooked. Well 2 hours later, my husband found me on the bathroom floor saying "take me to the ER" Terrible cramps I can only think of as labor pains. Diarrhea and vomiting. When we got to the ER 20 minutes later, I could not even stand, needing a wheelchair. MD said I was dehydrated and after what I believe to be morphine drip, 1 hr later I seemed to be almost myself. He gave me anti-nausea med to take home. $1500 bill that insurance paid. I think I am like the smoker who quits. I want a morel...

Similar Mushroom reaction
by: Anonymous

I too can no longer eat morel mushrooms. I had the same experience, it got worse each time I ate them, and the last time I thought I had a case of food poisoning. I never had problems in the past, but suddenly I started to become sick in my late 20's. It wasn't until after the 3rd time in the same year, when I was violently sick my husband realized it was the mushrooms causing it.

I can eat button mushrooms without issues. Morels put me over the top. I even tested the theory by eating just one bite of a cooked morel and can safely say I can never eat them again. :-(

I also can no longer eat the large mushrooms they grill and make into a "burger". Are they portobello? They are not as severe as the morel, but still cause gastrointestinal distress. And if I eat any buttons within a week or two of the portobello they will give me gastrointestinal distress as well. Seems the occasional exposures can only be button mushrooms. All others are off my list now.

by: Morel lover

Several years ago I had a terrible episode hours after eating morels. I have eaten morels my entire life, 50 years. The episode included extreme vomiting, sweating, fever, the feeling of knife through my back...I wanted to go the the ER, but living an hour from a hospital, I would never have made it. My husband called my mom and she came to check on my. I was almost delirious. I can eat other mushrooms with no problem. I am petrified to try a morel. My husband is cooking wild morels from our woods right now. I am afraid to to try them.

allergic to morels
by: Jane Perinacci

What a pity. As a retired medical assistant, I would suggest getting an allergy test. I can't imagine a steak without mushrooms! My heart goes out to you!

by: Amy

Sorry to hear about your problem, Melissa. Unfortunately an allergy to mushrooms is not uncommon. If you do a Google search on "mushroom allergy" you'll see what I mean.

It sounds like you've covered everything I would have questioned. I'd ask you if you were sure they were morels, but it sounds like you got them in a few different places including a store. I'd ask you if they were cooked, but it sounds like they were. I'd ask you if you only ate a little, but you did.

It's also not great that your reaction worsened every time. Escalating allergies aren't something you want to mess around with. I always err on the side of caution when it comes to stomach stuff, so if I were you I would probably avoid mushrooms in general!

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