Growing Morels by Accident

by Pam Huff
(Columbus, OH)

My grandparents went mushroom hunting in Michigan every spring for many years and always brought back bags of morels. They collected them in old potato sacks in the woods.

Once they got them home, they would clean them by shaking off the dirt and trimming any wet spots off in the backyard. He dried them in the same potato sack that he hung in his garage in NW Ohio. Over the winter, he'd bring some in, soak them in salt water, then coat them with his secret recipe fry mix and fry them in oil. They were the best things ever.

Now, morels spontaneously grow in the yard where he used to clean them. They just grow in the grass. There are lots of fruit trees in the yard, and more of them grow under a sugar pear tree than anywhere else, but I am not sure if that has to do with the tree or because that is the place he most often stood to clean them. It had a broken branch nub he liked to hang the sack on.

I have not tried to grow them myself, but I had no idea they were so hard to get started before I read your site.

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