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Like to hunt Morels NEW
by: Anonymous

What you say is true. whenever I would clean morels I would take the water when I was done and I would pour it into the same spot of the yard. A few years later morels started to appear. These were under a white pine tree. I think the amount of morels that appear is very much a part of the environment there has to be adequate leaves on the ground and just the right amount of moisture sun and shade

Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I grew some under our pear tree by just dumping the first soak water there each year!! It did take three years but hey!

By accident
by: Bob jones

Funny thing about your post. My mother in law had a boy friend who morel hunted. Once he brought the mushies home my mother in law always prepaired them. She would first start the process off by cutting them long ways down the middle. Then she would add them in a bath of salt water. The point I was getting to. She would dump the water outside...the following year morels grew in their yard. They didn't even have a single tree in their yard..also I wanted to add that they only lived their a few years. The first spring they lived their there were no morels in their yard..but he hunted/she dumped the water in the yard that first year..the following year in the spring time they came up...we always wonderd if they came up from spores flying through the air when he brought them in the house to be cooked up or if it was from her dumping the water...I always suspected myself that it was from her dumping the water.

Very Interesting
by: Amy

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your interesting story and I'm sorry it took so long to post it! It sat in my queue while I recovered from a long illness but I'm putting it up now anyway as it seems so timely.

This is a good reminder to clean your morels outside rather than in! Who knows what could happen over the years? It's also a good argument for the burlap/mesh/potato sack method of collecting and storing morels. Every little spore is a possibility.

Thanks for writing and I hope you find a boatload of morels in your yard this spring. Color me jealous!


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