Growing Experience

by Abhishek Parikh
(Udaipur, Rajsthan, India)

I have been growing Oyster Mushroom for the past one year. At the start it was a difficult experience with them. But now they are like my babies. I can smell them everywhere. See them even with my closed eyes. They are beautiful and rich in nutrient content also.

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How to tell when oysters are bad
by: Anonymous

I'm not yet a mushroom cultivator, but I wanted to know when shopping in local stores, what should one look for when purchasing Oysters. As I do more research about how food is made and gets to market, I learned that I need to have a much more discerning eye. I typically get oysters from the Asian markets in my area, but after surfing the net and looking at images. Im not sure if the ones I get are in good shape.

Feeling Awesome
by: Abhishek Parikh

First of all, thanking you Amy for your words of appreciation. God bless and get well soon. Sorry wasn't aware of your illness. Its been hard time with the project but I hope with your well wishes and prayers time will pass by and things will be back on track.
You are most welcome. Plan your trip to India. I would like to meet you and share more experience.
Get well soon. Take care. See You.
Good Bye!

A big thank you from a beginner.
by: hemant

hi Amy,
we are to enter in growing oyster mushrooms. while I was browsing for information, let me tell you Amy your website is the most I liked. It provided me all that needed to know before entering in such activity. It is informative and encouraging.
Thank you Amy for all that you have provided.

And to Abhishek,
all your experiences have boosted my spirits and after passing through successful trial, I too intend to go commercial. can you advise me on how much period I should spend on mushroom growing before shifting to commercial. My email ' '

Thank You Note
by: Abhishek

Thanks Amy for your wonderful reply. This reply has really act as a motivational booster for me to continue with my endeavor. I have started growing oyster mushroom on commercial scale and want to expand my production capacity. Though its a learning phase for me, but I believe this will help me and my farmer colleagues to grow, at the same time providing a substitute to non-veg dishes as I love animals. Thanks once again for your reply and I believe such replies from you and others are of great help for naive people like me. God bless and keep smiling.

Great Job!
by: Amy

This is AWESOME! Wow, it looks like you have a real operation going on there. Lots of delicious mushrooms and their colors are beautiful!

You're a great example of what's possible with a little persistence. Many people give up on mushroom growing after a try or two when they have no success. Yet sometimes the line between success and failure was just a little more moisture, or an increase in fresh air, or just a little more experience. That's another reason why oyster mushrooms are recommended when you first start growing as they're some of the easiest mushrooms to grow.

So what will you do with all of them now? Sell them? Give them to friends? Have an epic dinner party?

Congratulations, Abhishek, and it's great to hear from someone from India! I've always wanted to visit.

(And my apologies for taking so long to post this. I was quite sick for a while but it was nice to come back to the website and find lots of interesting submissions like this one!)



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