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To Eat or Not to Eat?
by: Amy

Hi Jane!

Yes, you want to cut a puffball open before you start cooking it to note both the color and the presence of absence of gills.

If they're a solid white, they're safe to eat. If they're a yellowish or brownish color, that means that they're starting to go bad and you don't want to eat them. At the very least, they'll probably taste not so great.

Sometimes an Amanita in the button stage can look like an immature puffball. That's another reason you want to cut your puffball open, if you see what looks like gills definitely don't eat it. It could be an immature Amanita or other species. Of course most giant puffballs are so large, they're not easily confused with something else.

Good to hear from you! (P.S. Check your email!)

To eat or not to eat!
by: Jane Perinacci


Didn't you, at one time, mention that if the puffball is white inside, it's safe to eat? I also remember you saying that if the puffball is yellow inside, not to eat it.

Jane Perinacci

by: Jane Perinacci

There is some sort of classic beauty about giant puffballs! These, which you found, are absolutely gorgeous! It's like Mother Nature was hiding her beautiful daughters from cruelty! Maybe you are the handsome prince who valued her beauty!!!

Your Forest Puffballs
by: Patricia

You're right, they are beautiful, now you should really try cooking one of them!

by: Amy

Thank YOU for stopping by and sharing your fun story with us. Seems you were rewarded for not just kicking it and running away.....;)

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