Family Tradition

I do not remember not hunting morels. It’s been a long family tradition every spring. We pass it to our young ones year after year.

I would never trade the memories of hunts with my father, who now is deceased, but I feel he hunts with me whenever I’m in the woods. My family has hunted the same woods (one of my spots) for over a hundred years and it produces every year.

I hope all families could enjoy a shroom huntin’ day. It can mend bad times and bring them closer together. Happy huntin’, friends, in the 2012 season.

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by: Barbara

Early memories in the Quebec woods picking chanterelles with my mother and aunt, and making delicious Eierschwammerl (egg mushroom) soup.
Years later going with aunts and cousins picking them for drying in the Austrian Alps. And recently with cousin Heidi, drying boxfuls (sustainably) from the Nova Scotia woods, as far as the eye could see...glorious orange jewels. Treasures and treasured times.

Good Thoughts
by: Amy

This submission came in anonymously but I had to publish it. Amazing to think that this family has hunted the same spot for 100 years!

This post had a lot of great thought and feeling behind it. Time together in the woods truly does mend troubles and bring people closer. I'd like to extend the definition of family beyond blood relatives in this case too. To close friends you grew up with, new friends you welcome into your life, and your extended family all over the world who marvel at nature and delight in the hunt for mushrooms!

So to anyone who stops by this thread, what are some of YOUR favorite memories mushroom hunting with your family?

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