Exceedingly Delicious

by Charles
(Northampton, Massachusetts, United States)

The Marvelous Maitake Mushroom

The Marvelous Maitake Mushroom

We find them hiking around here, at the base of old oak trees. We eat them in everything--soup, in omelets, fried in olive oil. The best way we've found to preserve them is to freeze in quart sized bags. Don't wash them before freezing, just knock or cut off dirty parts, put in bag, press out as much air as possible, then toss in the freezer. To use just thaw and wash and eat!!!!

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Early this year! Hen of the Woods NEW
by: Anne-Marie Nordgren

Love in stir fry and also breaded with panko and baked/roasted on sheet pan. Just found some, so early (July 12!)!

Very tasty treat!!
by: Chris

I've been picking wild mushrooms for years but only the last few years was introduced to the Maitake aka Hen of the Woods. I love the robust flavor of this mushroom. Though they are somewhat rarer here in N.E. Indiana, I still find a few every fall. Also enjoy the wild oyster mushrooms that are more plentiful here. Soon be time to start looking for those. It's pretty cool to be able to pick and eat "fall" mushrooms as well as the springtime morels.

Yummy Maitake
by: Amy

Thanks for writing in, Charles!

I prefer to not wash them as well. I feel they get too waterlogged and mushy.

As Charles already mentioned, maitake is a very versatile mushroom. They're great in soups, stir fried, baked, and sauteed. Don't forget that as a famous medicinal, you can steep them in a tea.

They do freeze and thaw well, better than many other types of mushrooms.

This is the season too. It's currently late September, and the best time to find them is from early September to late October. Oak trees are a popular maitake haunt, but you can find them under other trees such as elm or maple.

I love hearing from people that find these unique looking mushrooms. Thanks, Charles!

P.S. I go to Northampton a few times a month. Love it there!

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