Crazy Fungus

by Jane Perinacci
(Mentor, Ohio)

Crazy Looking Fungus

Crazy Looking Fungus


What do you make of this one?


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Hericium, pretty sure
by: Lisa

Hi, sorry if this is old news (no dates on the posts, that I can see), but that is almost certainly a slug-ravaged Hericium. It's a big clump, with no discernible stem (I mean it's attached broadly to the wood), growing on wood, white, toothed, no cap, just hanging "teeth", looks like a Hericium. Worth reading up on, if you ever find another one...

crazy fungus
by: Amy

Aha! That's right, you live in the Midwest, not the West Coast. I guess I can curb my jealousy!

wrong season
by: Jane E. Perinacci

No, Amy! This was taken by my grandson, David, last summer. We are buried in snow as well!!

by: Amy

Hi Jane,

Wow, that is crazy. Even crazier is how depressing it is that I had to download this picture and blow it up in order to see it better. My vision used to be so amazing!

It's often very difficult to make a positive ID over the Internet without a lot of information, but I will say that it looks like you have some sort of toothed fungus growing there. Possibly a nascent species of Lion's Mane, but it could easily be something else.

I'd definitely watch it and see how it develops.

And I'm jealous that you have mushrooms fruiting around you this time of year. I'm buried in snow!

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