BP and The Oyster Mushroom

by Bonnie
(Citrus Heights, CA USA)

I contacted BP, as they had a website to accept new ideas to help the Gulf. I suggested crop dusters dropping oyster mushroom mycelium from planes onto the oil.

BP responded and said they were implementing a similar idea. This was before the news said the oil was breaking up. I am convinced had someone taken this action, the mess would be much less harmful to the wild life and people that are being harmed by this tragedy...we all are really. If I had the funds I would go get 'er done myself.

I wonder why if so many people know this would work, why it has not been done!!

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Whiet mushrooms on Willow trees NEW
by: Lilian Allred

Are white layered mushrooms that grow on willow trees eatable or poison??? Thanks cronicweaver@gmail.com

by: Anonymous


oyster mushrooms-toxic removal
by: mushroomannie

It has been proven that oyster mushrooms are excellent for all types of toxic removal.
a very eco-friendly way to get rid of toxic oil spills is to use oyster mushrooms to absorb the toxins, thereby removing them from land, or water, and leaves everything healthy.
I believe one method is to use a mat of hair[gotten from hair salons donating] and then the mushrooms are grown in the hair mat and put in toxic dump sites, or toxic waste areas, and the mushrooms completely clean the toxins from the area.

by: Anonymous

Wow. How moving!

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