Avoiding LBMs

by Vladislav

I was mushroom hunting while camping with friends once and we came upon some little brown mushrooms. We thought they were edible, so we picked them.They turned out to be psilocybin mushrooms, I believe it was a psilocybe cubensis but I'm not sure (all the more reason to not eat them). Anyway, we started feeling sick at first. My friend L and R threw up about 30 minutes after consumption. Then I lost track of time and began to feel drunk and buzzy. Since we were out in the middle of nowhere, we couldn't just drive to a hospital, so we waited it out. Next came a bit of paranoia and mild visual hallucinations. I saw the kaleidiscope spectrum for awhile about 2 hours after consumption. Then the experience ended and I was left with a bad headache and nasea. We only consumed about 1.5 grams of the substance each so the hallucinations were not very intense. But since these mushrooms are hard to identify, as well as illegal in most countries, it is best to not consume them if possible. Though cubensis is not toxic, they do contain psilocybin which is harmful to the brain.

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Psilocybin NEW
by: Anonymous

You may want to update this article psilocybin isn't harmful to the brain at all. There are many videos by joe rogan and articles on other mushroom blogs.

just wondering NEW
by: Anonymous

Please provide any scientific evidence that psilocybin is harmful to the brain.

Mushroom identification is important NEW
by: Sandra

This is really important to know mushrooms which are edible and which are not. You guys were lucky that you finally realized that was poisonous. Edible mushrooms are healthy and some mushrooms are works as super food. So, there are many types of mushrooms which are really great. But there is also poisonous mushrooms which are life threatening.

I have found this from where I learnt to identify mushrooms. I thought this might be helpful for you too.


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