And in the Mushroom Community

by Jane Perinacci
(Mentor, Ohio USA)



As I have been rediscovering nature and seeing the little things in nature through the eyes of my grandchildren I am noticing that these little "gems of the forests", mushrooms, do sometimes take on human-like characteristics!

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answer NEW
by: Kikurage Japanese mushroom

Yes!! bolutes is in the big forest below Mount Fuji, the world heritage mountain. I havent seen on street. But some local market selling this season^^

Brand New “Emotional" Japanese Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit NEW
by: Kikurage Japanese mushroom

Brand New "Emotional" Japanese Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit

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by: Anonymousdghdh

it's very nice to see.

by: Amy

You have a lot of cool boletes where you live. Are you finding all these mushrooms on your property or on public trails?

I think you're missing your calling as a children's book writer....

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