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2 new canadian/french puffballs
by: Anonymous

Thanks Amy our weather has gone around the bend this year.But we should not complain as here we are the 21st of november and we're still eating outside at noon
I let the first puffball rot out for the spores and due to the hot weather we got 2 new ones this weekend
We actually ate one this time and shared with french friends who eat ceps all the time
The reaction is WHAT'S THAT referring to the size So an other alien species has invaded our eco system thank goodness they are so tasty

French Puffballs
by: Amy

Fantastic! Sorry it took me so long to post this, Bruce. I was actually in Europe for a big part of the summer and France was one of the countries I visited. I went to France for a summer ten years ago to study French, but sadly I didn't keep up with it.

I loved hearing about your Canadian and French puffballs though. Exciting to get reports from so many different places!

Thanks for sharing!



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