A Pancake?

by Jane Perinacci
(Mentor, Ohio USA)

With a side of bacon, please......

With a side of bacon, please......

Walking through the Magic Forest the kids and I came upon this mushroom that looked like a run-away from IHOP!

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The problem...
by: Udo Hoffmann

Imagine you are standing on a balcony looking down on a crowd all wearing the same hats... now try to identify a specific individual.

Pics of a mushroom from above are like that, without more info (where it is growing, gills or no gills, stem shape, veil or no veil, etc.) it is impossible to make an accurate identification.

What is it?
by: Anonymous

What is it? Edible?

by: Amy

Love it! Great pic, and it really does look like a pancake. Actually, I'm kind of hungry now.

Also love the blade of grass poking out from the middle of that pancake. Syrup, anyone?

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